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4 Heart-Breaking Reasons Why Canine Dental Health Is So Important!


June 05, 2019

When it comes to keeping your favorite furry friend healthy, you must ALWAYS remember to look after their teeth, gums and all aspects of their oral hygiene, too. Let's face it, we can all put our hands up and admit we’re guilty of ignoring our dog's teeth and gums from time to time, with many of us puppy-parents assuming the odd brush will do the trick. But unfortunately, that just isn’t enough.

Many problems can occur with your dog's overall health, all stemming from a simple issue that is likely to have started in their mouth. It is known that some oral conditions can later affect your dog’s organs, resulting in more issues than just bad breath. You could end up with a pup struggling with heart, kidney, and liver problems – not good at all!

The best thing to do is to gain as much knowledge and information as possible when it comes to your dog's oral health, so here at Petlab, we have looked into some of the biggest problems neglecting oral health can have.

1. Bad Breath

Now, we all know dogs aren’t known for having the best breath! All it takes is a small pant in your direction and the smell can hit you like a full-speed truck. But, is it really that surprising when you consider how often they use their tongue to clean parts of their bodies, eat, chew and groom!

It is very easy to just dismiss bad breath as something that is normal, but it could be the first signs that something quite serious is wrong. Periodontal disease is extremely common in dogs with poor dental hygiene and, unfortunately, the only obvious symptom is bad breath [1]. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria in the mouth builds up on the teeth and gums, which can result in tooth loss and weak gums.

2. Eating Difficulties

Keeping your pup’s teeth and gums in good health are imperative when it comes to helping them chew. As said above, bad breath could be a sign that something more sinister is happening that you can’t see; gum disease or tooth decay, which could cause discomfort and difficulty when it comes to dinner time. If your pup loses a tooth or more, it can create issues when they’re trying to digest their food. The more struggles they exhibit, the less likely they’re going to want to eat the food you’re giving them, which will result in a weak and poorly pup.

If you notice your canine companion is struggling to eat or chew, a dental problem may be the cause. The heartbreaking fact is that as their owner, you could have helped prevent the situation from getting to the point of no return. The sooner you support your pup’s oral health, the easier it will make their lives.

3. Tooth and Gum Decay

If your pup is suffering from periodontal disease, it can cause a lot of damage to your dog’s mouth. As said above, your dog may begin to struggle to eat, or suffer from bad breath, are some of the softer results of the disease. Periodontal disease will begin to attack the gum line, eating away and deteriorating the tissue around the teeth – leading to gum and tooth decay. The more the disease attacks, the easier it will be for your pup to stay losing teeth and potentially developing abscesses – causing your dog an awful lot of pain and discomfort.

Unfortunately, even a minor case of tooth and gum decay can be detrimental to your dog’s happiness and comfort. It is imperative to try and catch the decay early so that you can take action and help support your pup’s mouth back to a healthy standard.

4. Organ Disease

It might seem strange, but when your dog suffers from an illness that affects their mouth, it can also seriously damage the rest of their body, leaving them more at risk of organ disease. Particularly with periodontal disease, it can leave a lasting and negative effect on your pet’s heart, liver, and kidneys [2].

Not only can it damage different organs, but problems can also seriously affect the way your pup lives day to day. As said previously, the more of a struggle your pooch finds it to eat, drink or clean themselves, the more stressed, vulnerable and uncomfortable they will become, leaving you with an unhappy and unhealthy dog.

The Prevention

The key to avoiding all the above issues is simply prevention. Your actions as their puppy-parent are key and the sooner you find a way of supporting your dog's mouth, teeth and gums, the easier it will be to keep them healthy. Here at Petlab Co, we know how important your dog’s oral health is, which is why we have created the perfect solution to this problem.

Our natural Dental Chews have been formulated to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy, preventing tartar build-up and with the power to help clean any areas of the mouth that are hard to reach. These tasty chews were developed to provide your pup with the daily dental care they need. Made from all-natural ingredients - including beef hide and vegetable proteins, they are packed with multiple health benefits, proven to rid bad breath, reduce gum disease and fight harmful plaque build-up.

Final Thoughts

We completely understand that trying to fit a dental routine into your pup's day can be difficult, especially if you're not sure you're doing the right thing. Well, we are here to help you. Keeping your dog’s oral health to an optimum is extremely important. Not only will it help protect them from gum disease, but it can also help prevent tooth loss and other health issues involving their stomach, heart, liver, and kidneys. As amazing as it would be, your dog can’t head straight into the bathroom every morning and night, grab a toothbrush and scrub their teeth, so it is your job to keep on top of it. With a few simple changes, you can prevent 90% of these issues from occurring, which will help your dog live a long and healthy life.





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