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Pet News

Prevent Canine Cancer With These 11 Foods

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the canine world, and as with humans, it can be treated if caught early enough. But once it spreads, it can be fatal. There are certain attribu

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8 Proven Ways To Banish A Flea Infestation

Fleas can be a problem for even the cleanest of homes and can even pose a health threat to your beloved pup. In certain climates, fleas thrive, which means ensuring prevention is essential to

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8 Homemade Treat Recipes For Dogs With Allergies!

Unless you have experienced it first-hand, you may not know that our furry friends can suffer from allergies too. Whether caused by environmental factors, certain cleaning products or by dietary se

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5 Household Herbs For Your Dog's Tummy Troubles!

Let’s face it, no one likes to have an upset stomach, including your pup! And unfortunately for them, they can’t tell us when they have a tummy ache. That's why we, as puppy parents, need to kn

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Possessive Pup? How To Manage An Overprotective Dog!

Having an overprotective dog can become a little frightening at times. As humans, we have the luxury of knowing when someone is coming in for a hug, or if they’re going to harm us…but your over

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Save Your Dog From Heatstroke With These 9 Handy Tips!

Imagine wearing a thick, winter coat, in the summer’s heat. Well, for our beloved pups, that’s a reality throughout the hotter months. But unlike us, dogs don’t sweat through their skin

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5 Worrying Reasons Your Dog Looks Like They're Crying!

Does your pup suffer from unsightly marks on their face and look like they’ve been crying? Well, the truth is, they haven’t in the sense that we know, but there have been some tears leaking fro

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6 Amazing Homemade Treats to Spoil Your Pooch

Sometimes it is nice to spoil your pup, especially if they have been through some big changes, have a special birthday coming up, or have just been a good dog! Either way, nothing

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6 Worrying Reasons Why Your Dog Is So Tired!

We can all feel a little tired, lazy and sluggish from time to time, which is extremely normal for us humans – and for our pups, too! Let's face it, we have all caught our pups rousing from an ev

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8 Natural Ingredients That Are Proven To Reduce Joint Pain

Joint pain is something we worry about in our older years, but for dogs, it can begin from any age, with 20% of adult dogs experiencing some form of joint pain. Once your dog reaches 7-years-

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