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Pet News

7 Clever Ways Your Pup Uses Body Language To Communicate

There’s no relationship purer than that between a dog and its owner. And more often than not, you know what your dog is thinking, and they can also pick up on your feelings.

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7 Powerful Plants That Will Help Your Pup Calm, Relax and Unwind!

Anxiety…something that affects both us humans and our pups alike. Just like us, our dogs struggling with fear and stress, too, but in most cases, they don’t know how to adjust and support thems

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Is This Common Dog Habit A Sign That Something Is Wrong?

More often than not, dogs like to lick their paws as part of their grooming regime. They’re just washing, right? Well, if it's excessive and persistent, it might actually be a symptom of so

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7 Things To Remember For Your New Fluffy Family Member!

So, soon you’re going to be bringing a new, furry family member into your home…very exciting! Whether it will be a new puppy or an older rescue dog, you will need to get everything in order to

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How To Get Rid Of Stinky Dog Breath!

Dogs are not really animals known for their good breath…let’s face it. They can knock us out with their pongy panting, but it isn’t their fault! All those licks filled with love can get a lit

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Canine Cancer! 10 Early Warning Signs To Watch Out For

Cancer is a risk for dogs, as much as it is for humans. And as our canine companions get older, their bodies are far more susceptible to health risks and diseases. According to the American V

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Not Doing This One Thing Could Put Your Dog's Life At Risk!

How often do you wash your dishes? After every meal, right? It’s a habit we’ve been accustomed to because it’s good for our hygiene and our health. But for some reason, the same emphasi

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Attachment Issues? 6 Comforting Steps To Keep Your Dog Calm

There’s no worse feeling than trying to leave your house and seeing your beloved pup attempting to escape with you, howling or crying. We know that they do it because they love you, but it

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Why Does My Dog Keep Scratching? And How To Stop It!

It is incredibly normal to catch your pup having a scratch behind the ear when they’re idly relaxing in your home, but to notice them itching and scratching regularly is a different story altoget

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What Is MSM & Does Your Dog Need It?

Knowing what is right for your dog is paramount as a puppy parent. Our four-legged friends can’t tell us what they need, so we must be informed to the best of our ability to be able to care for o

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