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Pet News

4 Tips To Save Your Dog From "Deadly" Gum Disease

Our dog's mouth is extremely important. It tastes, chews, drinks, barks and even controls our pup's body temperature. But often, most dog owners are greeted with the slobbery, smelly, warm br

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Nervous Dog? Here Are 5 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Pet

Like people, dogs have different personalities, and we should embrace the traits they have! From clumsy and clever, to nervous and nutty... they are all their own character from the day we ta

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Watch Out For These 8 Heartbreaking Changes All Aging Dogs Go Through

Aging can be quite a scary, unpleasant thought for some of us. But its an inevitability and something we all must go through… and so must our pups! Unless you have rescued your pooch from a shelt

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7 Suprising Reasons Why Your Dog's Nose Is Dry!

Have you ever been greeted by your pooch in the morning, to find that their nose isn’t as moist as usual? Have you panicked, thinking that a dry nose is a sign that something might be wrong? Well

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9 “Life Changing” Benefits To Giving Your Dog A Massage

How amazing would a nice, long massage be right now? Those positive thoughts and feelings from deep tissue massage is great, right? Well, did you know that your pup would love one as well? You hear

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It’s In Your Kitchen Right Now...And It’s Fatal For Your Pup!

Knowing your actions could be the reason your pup is being rushed to puppy hospital, isn’t a nice thought! As a doggy owner, you should be aware of what is and isn’t good for you pet (we hope),

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The 'Master' Vitamin Every Dog Owner Needs To Know About!

You might not know this, but your pooch needs vitamins just as much as us humans do. We all need a little extra boost sometimes, just to keep our bodies healthy and running smoothly. Dogs, however,

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7 Simple Hacks To End Dog Joint Pain - FAST

As dogs get older, their bodies degenerate, much like our own! As humans age, we are always trying to maintain the quality of our life by incorporating a healthy lifestyle and staying out of

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Does Your Dog Walk Like This? If So, Something Is Wrong!

As a doggy owner, you never want to know that your fluffy companion is experiencing any pain or discomfort! So, if you’ve noticed a sudden change in the way that your dog is walking, there could

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Dog Obesity Kills! Try These 6 Proven Weight Loss Tricks

A staggering 56% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention[i]. That means that over ha

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