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Pet News

5 Simple Ways to Calm Your Anxious Dog

Just like us humans, our four-legged friends feel and react to emotions, too - including anxiety and stress! It isn’t nice seeing your dog get worked up when they’re feeling nervous or anxious,

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5 Health Issues Your Dog Faces Throughout The Year

We all have our preferred seasons, but with the positives of each, also comes some negatives. For example, the number of mosquitoes that appear in the summer, or the achy joints in winter. It

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This Marine Animal Is The KEY To Stronger Joints In Dogs

More and more, we are realizing just how important strong, healthy joints are for our dogs. Arthritis and stiff joints aren’t only very painful, they are the precursor to further health complicat

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4 “Silent Killers” That Every Dog Owner Needs To Know

You may not realize it, but your dog could be suffering from a life-threatening condition. You see, dogs are incredibly good at hiding their pain. By instinct, they are pack animals, so they

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Is Your Dog Showing Signs Of Sight & Hearing Loss? Here Is What To Do!

It’s a fact of life that we all grow old, and unfortunately for us, that does include our canine friends, too. Our dogs can suffer from similar health issues to us humans when aging, including fa

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5 Brilliant Tips To Make Your Dog Feel Young Again

Youth is synonymous with health. We all know that with age comes change, and a certain level of deterioration to our overall health. Whether that be physical change, such as weaker bones and le

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Could This 1 Household Spice Fix Your Dog's Achy Joints?

Similar to us humans, our canine companions can experience the pain and discomfort of degenerative joint conditions. Characterized by aching and inflamed joints, soreness whilst exercising, or a de

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5 Nasty Dog Owner Habits That Speed Up Arthritis Development

You may find it shocking to learn that arthritis affects 50% of dogs at some point in their lives. This painful disease is the cause of a great deal of physical and emotional distress to one in two

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5 Common Foods That Can Be Fatal For Your Dog

We know how hard it can be to say no when your dog is looking up at you with those puppy-dog eyes, begging for a taste of the food on your plate. But if you give in, you could be risking your

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The ULTIMATE Joint Care Guide For Elderly Dogs

Watching your beloved dog get older can be one of the toughest experiences as an owner, especially if they are unfortunate enough to live out their later years suffering from joint pain. Whilst it

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